Thursday, August 31, 2006

I don't get it. the topic feature on my posting form disapeared. I dont understand why, but I cant seem to get it back. I'll probably mess with it a little later or maybe contact support. in the meantime, let me bitch about Fez from that 70s show. that character was funny and I had, and still have no problem with the guy who portrays him, but man, he made himself into a douchebag. everyone bashed him on all those sites liek socialitelife and idontlikeyouinthatway. and they continue to bash him. its like he just fucked up his view in the public eye. not that i think you shoud care about people biased opinions or those just trying to make a name by fucked with yoru reputation, but come on. you are an actor. you are in the public eye so you shoudl watch what you do and how you act. in my opinion, everyone in hollywood can control how the are portrayed. look at the ones who have positive images in hollywood. they have positive images because they dont do stupid shit.
testing, testing